Hello and Welcome to the Mobile Experts

Fabrik19 stands for innovative software that creates efficient mobile applications. We´re digital pioneers and organize interesting workshops about „being mobile “. We are a bunch of crazy, mobile-loving and high qualified developers and designers.
Primarily, Fabrik19 is a software company – furthermore, we see ourselves as pioneers of the digital world.


Beyond the technology we also provide advice to companies and trade associations to create and realize their mobile strategies.

The experts of Fabrik19 are constant and active participants at topic centered meetings and congresses.

The Management

…from the lessons learned of an edutainment-application project to the market leader in mobile technology… Mark Pralle decided to automate and standardize the process of app development.

Mark Pralle Markwart Pralle Mark Pralle LinkedIn, degreed engineer for aerospace-technology at the RWHT AACHEN is a businessman focused in IT and financial services for 15 years with work experience in south-western-Asia, USA and Europe. Amongst others, Mark successfully established a start-up in the field of financial services and contributed his experience as a COO at a global financial service company.