In 2016/2017 Fabrik19 is once again proud partner of the “Giessen 46ers”

Top technology for top performance in the first basketball league!

In season 2016/2017 the Fabrik19 is once again partner of the “Giessen 46ers”. We are proud to have a strong team as our partner and to provide our technology for the “Giessen 46ers” app and website.

Engagement in our region, in athletic as well as cultural field is very important to us.



Of course we featured the app with new functions for the new season. One of it is the new category “YOUR Player of the Game” where fans can choose their favorite player on the field.

Fans can participate only via the ”46ers” app and the vote takes place at every home game of the traditional club.

We are looking forward to an exciting season and wish the team much success.