Solutions and Usecases

Our software package evolved from the needs and requests of our clients. The main aim was and is still, to develop a software that represent all categories – B2B as well as B2C- and promotes digitalization. Efficient. Comfortable. Highly scalable.

The MobilitySuite mos. is the mobile high-end technology to create mobile applications. Right from the start, app-producers and users of that technology were enthused about the efficient way of app-buliding, the quality of the final product and the individual functionality and design. The selected use cases shows how extensive and custom-made mos.-based apps can be.

Efficiency in the heterogeneous world of mobile application development. By using the MobilitySuite, digital marketing agencies have the optimal tool to create individual mobile applications for their customers. The extensive mos.-architecture includes control-center, editor, push-GUI, test portal and many more, it´s an “all-round carefree package” for agencies and their customers.

Our partner agencies (an extract)

  • die interaktiven
  • make better web strategien
  • trust & desire Berlin trust and desire Berlin Stephanie Dennis Norbert Troche
  • Online Marketing Rockstars OMR Festival Hamburg
  • Die Marketingprofiler
Companies are always in need to optimize their internal processes and to take innovative approaches in the recruitment of new customers and customer loyalty. Mobile applications provide various opportunities. The software-package for companies creates new processes and market instruments. Built your company´s internal and external mobile application without development skills. The rethinking towards “mobile first” has begun. However, a lot of companies still struggle with using a mobile approach for their sale channel in a larger extend. Before you make the decision to create an app, it is advisable to map out a mobile strategy. Starting with a precise analysis of the present situation and future goals to the point of detailed targeting, we accompany our clients from the start of the project and provide assistance .

mobile Strategie mobile first mobile only 

Actual KPI´s at any time within reach. The software package for the management level generates necessary charts and key data directly from different data systems. Combined with an intelligent authentication every employee receives the key data view of the area of his responsibility.

At the best, the data gets generated of existent contents and edited for mobile use. Push-Messages contain a reference to the actual key data. You can share that information with other departments or management partners. An intelligent search -and filter function can isolate the data in periods and subject areas for a more clearly representation.




Data and facts of the travel industry – automatically edited for a graphic and interactive representation in the new VIR app.

Our mobility suite is showcasing a new app. The association internet travel marketing has realized its app on our mobility suite mos. basis. With a native app for iOS and android the association offers its members and people, who are interested, a variety of information to carry with them in their pockets.

With a news area with information about current events and meetings of the sector and data and facts from the category “market research” the app is loaded with content. App user will find charts and graphics about researches, travel behavior, revenues and market shares. Moreover, members of the association can enter a password-protected area that is meant for an exchange of juristically topics, member list and agendas and meetings as well as further intern information.

The technical part is loaded with features as well. One of it is the authentication for the member area. News can be shared or saved as favorite. Charts and graphics are interactively represented. And of course, push-notifications. App users can choose favorized topic areas and get a notification about interesting news.

All graphic representations of the area „market research” are fully generated from CMS data.








An event-app is an optimal companion for congresses or festivals. Speaker, schedule and matchmaking – everything within reach at the gadget of one´s own.
The mobile scenario of a congress or other event starts right at the beginning. An app is the perfect tool to get initial information about the event. Get in touch as early as possible is very important- using a mobile application is the easiest way to do that. Exhibitors, speakers, side-events and news are well stored at your smartphone.
Ticketing is the next step and can also be transacted via mobile application. At best, linked with a mobile payment option. The ticket will be deposited in the app. Now it´s time to use social networks for matchmaking & co.
Your private schedule gets filled with favored speeches and other appointments. App- Users and visitors of an event get important information via Push-messages. Personal messages are reminding of the beginning of a favored speech.
The possibilities that the app offers are as multifunctional as the event.
Please feel free to contact us, we will be glad to advise you.

The Online Marketing Rockstars Festival took place in February 2016. The festival app – based on our MobilitySuite– got released right on time. While the festival took place, the app included important information and news around the event. In addition, there is a daily-column with articles about current digital topics. In the “OMR free time” the mobile application offers a lot of information, PodCasts and much more.

In 2017 the OMR -Festival- App is still based on our MobilitySuite, equipped with a facelift and new features.








Info terminals are very useful in shops or at congresses. With the software package based on MobilitySuite content can be transferred to the particular system in no time. Digital Signature is a widespread topic – but implementation and usability are different on a case-by-case basis. In one case, it´s sufficient to have a showcase info terminal in the other case an interactive terminal with more tools and connection with the operator´s smartphone is essential. MobilitySuite mos. is the software to realize such kiosk-systems. Whether as an entertainment system in the dentist-waiting room or as news ticker at the congress-area with schedule and floor plan, the possibilities are endless. Our MobilitySuite mos. creates not only intuitive operating digital signage-systems; we also focus on efficient data management and handling of the system.

With the new kiosk system, the GLOBUS Department store offers completely new possibilities for its customers and affects the shopping-experience with its features and information. A typical product finder combined with innovative indoor-navigation, cooking- and baking-videos plus a traditional leaflet for digital scrolling – the customers get diverse information. The conception of the mobile application attaches importance to individuality for every store. The content on every stele can easily and individually be changed.

Our partner:

At GLOBUS DIY-Stores it is possible to search the desired products at the digital stele and the system will guide you to the right shelve. In addition, the terminal informs about new jobs in the store, provides price-information and shows the current leaflet for digital scrolling. If there is a cafeteria existing you can also retrieve the menu.
Our partner:

Mobile applications are an inherent part of today´s world of trade. The possibility to control the (potential) costumers is obvious. Whether a city-app with local shops, a costumer-app or an application from the local shoe store, the ways of implementation are unlimited. Mobility Suite mos. enables a completely new shopping-experience for costumers and a new marketing and sales channel for retailers. It`s never been so easy to create a native mobile application in such an efficient way. Available data can be connected via interfaces – no double data administration. Social Media, Online Shops, leaflets, loyalty card – all these things can be bundled in one mobile application –. The costumers get further information and exclusive offerings when the app is combined with iBeacons. You can guide your customers with our software package –MobilitySuite mos.

Don´t miss any offer!
The new “Globus construction market”- brochure app informs you easy and always right on time about our offers. Besides our brochures we offer further market information and the daily menu of our restaurant (if available in your market). Push-Messages inform about the a new leaflet as soon as it´s available.







Exploring the city with a mobile app – local, ad hoc and always up-to-date with a comprehensive event calendar for the entire region, information about locations and sights, high-quality gastronomy offers and shopping tips. News and events get integrated via interface – without additional effort. The city-app Giessen is operated by Distama GmBH.








Exploring the city with a mobile app – local, ad hoc and always up-to-date with a comprehensive event calendar for the entire region, information about locations and sights, high-quality gastronomy offers and shopping tips.
The Mainz city app is operated by Distama GmBH. It is a project by „mainzplus CITYMARKETING“, the Economic and Structural support oft the state capital Mainz and „Tourismusfond Mainz e.V.“. In association with VRM Digital and ZDF Digital.

Customers can browse through the selection, call up for backround information, become more familiar with the team and the shop and can deposit their loyalty-card. As a highlight the customers can see the most important events throughout the region. A mobile application as a marketing-tool for retailers. The shoeshop Darré sets a good example.








Game plan, results, tables, live ticker, squad and social media. Communicating with fans is important. An app enables the professional sports team to reach their fans individually. The extensive interface guaranteed all important information in one app.

Thousands of viewers are regularly caught up by the action, excitement and drama that takes place during the home games of the “GIESSEN 46ers” in the Giessen-East sports hall.
The team from central Hessen can look back on a long basketball tradition. The beginnings of basketball in Germany have strongly affected the Giessen team that started as “MTV 1846 Giessen”. They became five-time German champion and three-time German cup winner. The GIESSEN 46ers app provides you with all the important information around the 46ers. The range includes current news, information about players, games and the history in text and image.










As a digital partner of the wheelchair basketball club Lahn-Dill (RSV Lahn-Dill) “die.interaktiven” created and realized a mobile application for the fans of RSV. The app convinces by intuitive navigation and interactive features, such as push-messages and a new casual design. Already the welcome page gives you the most important news and inform about the next matches. You can find further information round about squad, fan-shop, social media presence and schedule in the task bar. Using the MobilitySuite mos., the digital agency can easily integrate highly topical subjects and more complex technical contents – at any time in any way.








Franchisee and Franchisor know about the difficulties arising from several stores as well as associations with their several members and departments. Every location has its own daily routine, how can they get identified and handled reliable?
The brand name promises high quality and has to keep that promise. Hence, a experienced working processes and sure instinct is essential. A modern software, smartphones and mobile applications are helpful at this point. They generate an efficient procedure and replace annoying paperwork.
A mobile application is not only useful as an internal solution for multi-branch companies. In a costumer-app your customers can select their local store and henceforth have a personalized app with only the news and information around their favored location.
The “von Poll” real estate- app was build based on the mobility suite The app offers extensive functions, e.g. real estate search, the in-house magazine for browsing and a career area. For authorized “von Poll”- employees the app contains the company´s address book with contact opportunities directly out of the app and a document area. Thanks to the innovative technology the native app was developed within a couple of months.
The real estate search is very comfortable due to the search agent, favorites and extensive filter. A video area shows current YouTube videos that offer a first impression of some top properties. Moreover, the app user can choose a location in his or her proximity and directly contact the right contact person.