Mobility Suite mos.

The leading-edge technology to build native mobile applications

Whether as a marketing tool or to mobilize your internal corporate process: the mobility suite mos. is the right technology for your app project.

Create a native and mobile application quick and easy for the three most common operating systems iOS, android and windows. There are no developer skills required to build the mobile application.

No Coding

No Coding

Configuration of native apps in function & design – without development effort.


Native and fully functional apps

No “construction kit”: individual conception, intuitive user experience, offline ability, full access to device functions


Data sources

Data sources like CMS, social media, ERP, CRM etc. can be attached without an adjustment of the app.

No Coding


Apps based on the mos. technology fulfil all manufacturer standards and are able to integrate secure container, MDM or banking solutions.


Increasing efficiency

By using the mos. technology the expense per app is decreased radically. One configuration, all platforms.


Flexibility in function and content

Design and functionality are changeable at any time without repeatedly taking it through the app stores, MDM or other distributors.


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