The OMR App 2017 is also made by Fabrik19

Moin Moin!

As the mobile partner of the OMR festival in Hamburg we already provided the offical OMR App for the OMR festival 2016. 250.000 screenviews in 3 days had amazed even us.

After the festival in 2016 we changed the app into a podcast app with the popular daily column. And now, with the 2017 festival in sight, we will turn it back into the ultimate OMR companion. Loaded with lots of features, a new layout and all important information about the festival the app is a must-have for visitors. Of course, the app is based on our software solution mobility suite and is available for iOS and android in the respective app store.

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More information in the Online Marketing Rockstars  Daily.




Information about the OMR festival here.